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Welcome to my new website.  Please bear with me as it is still under construction.

Let me begin with how I got started in magic.  Every since I was little I’ve always had a fascination with card tricks and magic.  Even the most basic tricks I would learn  for hours and hours until perfected.

I’ve always had a particular  interest in street hustles having seen them being performed around the world.  I enjoy things that engage my intellect and leave me intrigued.

It might interest you to know that I dislike the image of a “typical magician”, someone that performs tricks that don’t engage the audience, cheesy routines including disappearing handkerchiefs, appearing sp0nge balls and so on.  I think magic should be performed impromptu, anytime and anywhere, without the need for a suitcase full of stunts.  A bad magician is probably the worst type of entertainer second only possibly to a amateur mime act!

If you are looking for a entertainer that will amaze people at your event with a fusion of contemporary close-up magic, street hustles and mentalism then I would be delighted to hear from you.  I cover a wide range of events including:  weddings, birthday parties, christmas parties, corporate events, product launches, exhibitions, trade shows etc.  I am based in Hertfordshire, just 20 minutes from London and can travel all over the world.

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Mobile: 07830 661 271 | International: +44 7830 661 274

Email: contact@fusion-magic.com